This site exists because I as a Muslim cannot reconcile my faith and understanding of Islam to how it’s being looked upon by in the world.


World View

Islam is considered as being something bad which has happened to this humanity and Muslims which is the cause of destruction and most of turmoil facing mankind. Also most of the Muslim population has a very narrow view of religion which causes them to doubt and stumble upon when they see how Islam is creating so many wrongs and havoc around the world. Media outlets (both in Muslim and non Muslim countries) and Intellects are found to be bashing Islam and associating most of the problem faced in the Muslim world to the hard wired text of Quran and Muslims in ability to reform it to the growing needs of time

My View

As a Muslim and learner of Islam and Quran I find it perfect and everything in it make sense and logical. It gives meaning to this life and here after, reason for creation and I find Quran essential for human life to sustain in this world. And it’s not something new but has been given to prophets after prophets to the last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. I believe that Islam has the capability to be an antidote for the entire major social political problem facing humanity.


To bridge the gap between what Islam is perceived today to what it profess and hold is a long journey, If God willing we will talk from basic of Islam; to how it started and went through phases; and how it is related to other religions and how commands and instructions given by Quran make sense and how can humanity benefits from it.


What is with the name

Name of this site is based on this hadeeth of Muhammad PBUH

 “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”

This above narration of Muhammad PBUH hold very true for our time since true essence of Islam and what it profess is unknown to masses including Muslims. So here we are taking steps to reconstruct this stranger back to its basic and redefining to what it was originally through source of Quran and Sunnah


Who is this for

This is for anyone or everyone who wants to understand Islam; think it is good or bad in the world. For anyone who want to know how Islam can benefit humanity as a whole; and understanding how it is logical and a word of God

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