Making Sense of Islam

Making Sense of Islam

I am hoping you have went through most of the articles on basic concepts of Islam (and Quranic text related to it), and hopefully it would have cleared some basic elements Islam hold close and dear and demands from his follower.

I know if you try to look at a Muslim (and especially their countries) to represent these basics for you in daily routine and in their thoughts, I am afraid you would not find much examples; but If you look at the book from a logical and with an open heart, with no arrogance and ready to understand and receive guidance you will find Islam the most natural and just way of life.

In this post, I want to mention couple of thing which a logical Muslim mind after reading Quran still holds Islam to be true.

As we discussed above that God has created everything in balance, which make sense if we look around in universe and human creation the balance; the perfection its evident and how come this balance is maintaining itself without any one taking care of it and consider how delicate the balance of gravity between stars, changing of day and night and seasons. In fact balance also indicates there is one God otherwise if multiple Gods are commanding this world than there will be conflicts and there will be no symmetry.

This philosophy of why we are on earth, where are from and where are heading after life explained by Quran also seems logical, otherwise it is very hard to understand that how come a human species which itself through evolution alone has become far advance then other species  and every day is becoming more advance and intelligent ( until Allah has given them specific abilities for a purpose); and how un-fruitful of it if there is no purpose in life for the most advanced homo-sapiens spending 50-70 years of life (mostly)

Above discussion where Quran explained itself to be in line of same revelation as other text send by God before it; and brought about by Muhammad who is in last chain of prophets send on earth seems logical that God gradually made instruction more advance and finally send the last instruction set.

If you remove concept of day of judgment and reward and punishment which is centric to Islam that how would one explain the un-equality of this life a person born with a silver spoon and someone who for his whole life struggle to get two times bread or someone who live a pious life or someone who do insane thing for living; how could a God of this world be so unjust if he did not reward or punish them for their actions. In fact for helping his creations in the test,  his creation is going through he has given them with abilities (senses) and instructions (Quran) to get pass it successfully and he love his creation when he says I am most merciful and he is at all time available to listen to them whenever you call him and where ever you call him.

Lots of scientific finding that human came to know about in last say 60 years has been mentioned in Quran since 1400 years for example moon light is borrowed light and how in solar system every star is in motion but not static; I agree that there are some explanation in Quran which science of today cannot comprehend or able to explain  so as a logical person based on so many things Quran mention many years back which turn out right make one conclude that other things would be right when science will reach to that level.

If one look at concept of do’s and don’ts (Haram) listed in Quran; briefly discusses above one would realize that what will be a society be based on those principal and which will raise human morality to new levels since today most of human society is based on human popularity, which has caused us to make lots of gains in science and technology but on flip side have made us polarize, in-equal, unbalance as a society. Quran and Islam explain God to be sovereign and his commands to be sovereign to raise humans to new levels. As logically thinking this does not defy reasoning, as we see now we are in need now for someone to come forward and help us solve these problems, this article will also help clear this point more

Islam is liberating by removing fear of everything in this world money, desires etc to concentrate your energies on getting closer to the creator since results are owned by Allah; one can only make an effort based on his abilities but result are with Allah to decide on. One more thing that Islam as a religion professes us to make pray and remember Allah directly without any middle man; read Quran and understand what Allah wants; this is in different to what other religions holds.

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