Quran 98:6, Why Allah abuse humans to be worst of creatures

Quran 98:6, Why Allah abuse humans to be worst of creatures

First if you read Allah is not using foul language toward non Muslim , he is saying it to those creatures who will end up in hell fire ( it could be Muslims or non Muslims) so question is why he is saying all those human as worst of creatures though Allah make humans as master piece of his creation

Let me give a simple example how do you compare a brilliant Math student studying at Harvard who has the potential to achieve great heights as scientist and all the circumstances are in his favor but instead of pursuing it he prefers to be a janitor , though he got lots of chances and advice to make up for lost time but he keep himself stick to being a janitor , to a poor boy who was born in a war torn country who has no one to support and could not get any opportunities to get any education and improve his life and end up being a janitor somewhere , may be this example would not fit humans vs an animal creature but still one would what a loss what a person can achieve but he sticks to his lower desires and end up being same to a person who was born with nothing and nothing to help him

God has given Human free will and lot of material on top and guided and thought him lots of things but all those Humans who instead of pursuing those higher dimensions to identify God stick to their lower instincts which animals also posses ( like food, property/shelter, survival) and does not rise to its higher capabilities than to Allah it does not achieve its purpose

One last thing in Arabic, word for cruelty or unjust acts of exploitation, oppression, is Zulm and it means when one move something or person either higher or lower to his place , so for e.g you move God from his higher status/place to humans or move a human to higher status and made him God . So in Islam Justice is to gives anything and everything its due rights and if you don’t do it you perform an act of oppression

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